Panama Finca Hartmann Panama Finca Hartmann

Panama Finca Hartmann


Region: Santa Clara
LocationFinca Hartmann
Varietal: Maragogipe
Elevation: 1250-1400 MASL
Process: Natural
Notes: Roasted Chestnut, Jasmine, Condensed Milk

Finca Hartmann is run by the Hartmann family and is located in the scenic region of Santa Clara and bordered with the International Friendship Park close to the Talamanca Mountain Range.
Without the use of any pesticides, each variety is produced under the shade, and sustainability cultivated. Hartmann employs the native people of the NOBES tribes to help him produce this exceptional coffee. Moreover, all the cleaning is done by hand and any cherries that do not meet Hartmann's quality standards are used as organic fertilisers on the crop.